What I love Wednesdays

I thought I would dedicate my Wednesday posts to sharing with you all things that I love. I will be sharing anything and everything that I think that you might find useful or possibly love as much as I do. I have a bazillion different things that I think you might find useful. Please feel free to share with me the things that you love as well. So, lets begin.

I love my immersion blender. It is a hand held mixer that you immerse into a pot of soup, sauce, or what ever you need to blend. Then you just push the little button and whala your food is all blended up nice and pretty. So instead of ladling your soup or sauce into a blender or food processor and having it drip all down the sides of both the pot and the appliance, just use the hand held mixer.  A bonus is that you won’t have as many dishes to clean.

The little blender tip unscrews for easy clean up. I’m serious, you are going to think you have died and gone to kitchen appliance heaven! The price range is between $20 to $40 give or take a little. You can find them anywhere from Walmart to Bed Bath and Beyond. Most of the big Kitchen brands manufacture them as well. I always find myself in the kitchen making soups when the weather starts cooling down and the immersion blender makes it all that much eaiser to do that!  If you don’t have one, take my word for it, you need one! So go and get one and you will be thankful you did. I am not kidding, go now! Just kidding, you can at least wait until morning.

Until next time,

Happy Eating!



2 thoughts on “What I love Wednesdays

  1. I don’t have one but I’ve used my neighbor’s and it’s amazing! We used it when we bottled stewed tomatoes. It’s an awesome kitchen tool!


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