Cupcake Giveaway

Photo: Our cupcakes are so good its spooky! Stop by today and pick up some delicious Halloween cupcakes!

I have a good friend who owns a cupcake shop. My family is fortunate to also live just across from this very talented lady. Sometimes when we are really, really lucky our doorbell will ring and there stands Trista with some cupcakes from her store, Cupcake Chic. When such days come, I have to be very careful how I present the cupcakes to the rest of my family. To say that my family suddenly turn into cupcake craving crazed maniacs is an understatement! They must be able to sense when Cupcake Chic cupcakes are in our house because they will appear out of nowhere begging me for some of the sugary goodness. Of course, there are a few perks to being a mom. One of them is that in times like these, I get to whip out the mom card and tell them I get to pick my cupcake first. So maybe I can go a little crazy too when it comes to these cupcakes. They of course complain but as soon as I hand them their cupcake they forget all about it.

So my local (in local I mean Utah county and surrounding areas) friends, if you want to experience some of Cupcake Chic’s masterpieces you have two options.

1. You could drop everything and quickly go to the Cupcake Chic store as fast as humanly possible before your favorite flavors are all gone.


2. You can enter my Cupcake Chic giveaway and have a chance to win one dozen cupcakes of your choice.

I personally think you should do both. You might as well enjoy a cupcake at Cupcake Chic while you wait to find out if you win my giveaway. I mean come on, it is necessary to become familiar with all their flavors so when you do win you will know what cupcakes to choose right?

Okay, back to giveaway. What you need to do to be entered into the drawing is really quite simple. There are four requirements.

1. Leave a comment with your name on this post telling what your favorite cupcake flavor is.

2. Become a follower of my totally awesome blog ( in case you don’t know where you are).

3. Share the link to my blog with your friends on Facebook.

4. You need to do all of this by Sunday October 27th.

That’s pretty painless right? And think of all the yummy cupcakes that can be yours by doing these 4 simple things. I will announce the winner on Monday October 28th.

In the mean time, go on over to Cupcake Chic at 727 E 1000 S. in Orem UT and try some of their cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, or cakes. You will be happy you did. And if you don’t mind, tell Trista that Carrie said hi.

To see a list of all Cupcake Chic’s cupcake flavors, pricing, hours of operation or what other sugary goodness items they make click here.


24 thoughts on “Cupcake Giveaway

  1. I have been wanting to try her cupcakes. The all look so yummy! I would love to win a dozen. My favorite flavor is probably chocolate!


  2. We LOVE Cupcake Chic and I am pretty sure Trista puts crack in the frosting because they are addictive. My favorite flavors are: Coconut, strawberry vanilla, German Chocolate and I really want to try peanut butter.


  3. Ooohhhh would I really have to share with my kids if I won? Lol! Salted carmel sounds delish, but so does mint or peanut butter. ..


  4. Hi Carrie
    My husband works with yours and had me check out your blog. I can’t wait to tryout your sugar cookie recipe but would love some cupcakes in the meantime. Not that I won’t get enough sugar this week;). My favorite is the salted Carmel as well. Thanks for sharing your recipes!


  5. I found you through Facebook and just started following. LOVE these cupcakes!! I have not had them for so long, the red velvet has always had my heart, maybe if I win I’ll try other favors 🙂


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