What I love Wednesday

I love my French rolling pin. For a long time I used the traditional rolling pin then one day my life was forever changed once I was introduced to the French rolling pin. I feel like I have a lot more control with the shape of the dough when I use the French rolling pin. They are generally less expensive because it is all one piece. Another bonus is that it’s easier to clean since it is just one piece. I prefer the rolling pin that is tapered at each end but you can also purchase them without a tapered end.

Julia Child once refered to the French rolling pin as the “sports car of the pin world”. In an episode of the French Chef, Julia called the traditional American rolling pin “toys” and then tossed it to the back of the set.

The French rolling pin has a rolling surface of approximately 20 inches verses 12 inches from the traditional rolling pin. It is also preferred by most bakers and pastry chefs because their hands are closer to the dough and it is eaiser to drape the dough over the length of the barrel to move it from surface to surface.

This is my personal opinion, if you have the tradional rolling pin and love it that’s great. You want to have something that you are comfortable with; however, if you are in the market for a new one or don’t really love the one you have I would highly recommend giving the French rolling pin a try!

Until next time,

Happy Eating!



2 thoughts on “What I love Wednesday

  1. My rolling pin just cracked and it always make a crease when I make sugar cookies so I need to buy a new one. Looks like I’ll be buying a French rolling pin. I have a question about rolling pins. I think I once heard that you are not supposed to wash them in the dishwasher. Is that true and if so why?


    • Stephanie,
      You will love the French rolling pin. No, you are not suppose to wash rolling pins in the dishwasher. When you wash them you should hand wash them and try not to soak them in the water. Then dry it off quickly. The wood will warp and crack if it gets too wet.


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