My $5.00 Spring Banner

I have had all the supplies for this banner for a long time now. Once I finally found the time to sit down and make it, it came together pretty fast. I love how well the foam boards worked for this project. If you went out and bought the letters at the store, they would cost you anywhere from $3.00 to $5.00 for each letter. Believe me, you will see a lot more projects with the foam boards on my blog in the near future.

I love how this banner turned out! I hung it on some lace, jute, and ribbon. But you can really use anything you want to match your other décor. The best part about this project is that it only cost me $5.00. Here is the price breakdown;

Foam board @ Dollar Tree- $1.00

Brown acrylic Paint- $1.00

Spanish Moss @ Dollar Tree- $1.00

Clothes pins @ Dollar Tree- $1.00

White acrylic paint- $1.00

I already had the jute, ribbon, lace and, foam brushes. If you have to go out and buy the ribbon and brush, your project shouldn’t cost any more than $8.00. Come on, that is so awesome, don’t you think?

Until next time,


DSCF4772 - Copy


1 white foam board from the dollar store

brown acrylic paint

white acrylic paint

foam paint brush

tacky glue

Spanish moss from the dollar store

clothes pins from the dollar store

ribbon, lace, and jute (length depends on where you are hanging it)

Exacto knife

6 inch Spring letters template


1. Trace the 6 inch letters onto the white foam board. Place the foam board over a cutting mat and cut the letters out with an exacto knife. Don’t stress too much if you have a few jagged edges on your letters. When you glue the moss on, you won’t be able to see it.


2. Once you have all the letters cut out, paint them brown with the brown acrylic paint. Let the letters dry completely.


3. Spread some tacky glue on a small section of the letter and place some Spanish moss over it. Press down firmly on the moss for a few seconds. Repeat this process until each foam letter is completely covered in the Spanish moss.

DSCF4494   DSCF4493

4. Lightly paint each clothes pin with the white acrylic paint. Let it dry completely.

5. With the painted clothes pins hang the letters from the ribbon, lace, and jute.






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