Music Sheet Carrots

Well, the other day I made the yarn carrot that is floating around on Pinterest. I wasn’t in love with how mine turned out. I needed a different look for the décor in my house so I just set the carrot on my entry table until I could get some inspiration. Yesterday, I was standing in my “project waiting room” and this idea came to me. I spent the rest of the afternoon playing around with sheet music, burlap, and a glue gun.

In case you were wondering, I put the cotton balls in the carrot for its own safety. You see, I have four boys who love to feed my paper carrots to my ceramic bunnies. Remember the yarn carrot I told you about earlier, it only lasted a few hours before they had the yarn unraveling from trying to stuff it in the dang ceramic bunnies mouth.

So far (knock on wood), they have left my sheet music carrots alone. I am crossing my fingers that my luck with these carrots continue for at least another 10 days!

Until next time,



Music Sheet Carrot




sheet of music or book page


glue stick

orange paint

foam brush

1/2 yard of jute

1/4 yard of green burlap ( 12 5 inch strips)

cotton balls

glue gun and glue sticks


1. Cut off any jagged edges on the paper. Paint the paper lightly with the orange paint. Allow to dry completely.


2. Start rolling the paper from the corner and roll on an angle forming a cone. You want the tip of the cone very tight.

DSCF4798    DSCF4799

3. If the cone is to long you can cut some of the top off for the desired length. Once you have made your cone, glue the end down with a glue stick. Stuff the cotton balls inside the cone. I used the end of the scissors to pack them down. Add enough cotton balls to the carrot so that it is only about 1/4 inch from the top.

DSCF4801     DSCF4794

4. Cut tabs all the way around the top of the carrot. Cut the burlap and jute into 6″ strips. I used about 12 strips of burlap and 8 to 10 strips of jute for the center of the carrot. With the glue gun, glue 1 strip of burlap and two strips of jute together. Continue to layer the burlap and jute until you have used it all.


5. Fold the burlap bundle in half (the best you can) and glue it down the center. If you want to add more strips, you can glue more around the outside of the bundle.


6. Place a small dallop of glue on bottom of the burlap bundle. Place the burlap in the center of the top of the carrot. Fold and glue the tabs all the way around the burlap bundle. Glue a 1/2″ wide strip all the way around the top of the carrot. With a 12″ strip of jute fold it in half and cut the jute on the fold. Tie the jute in a bow at the top of the carrot.

DSCF4805   DSCF4810    DSCF4809

And just like that, you have a dang cute music sheet carrot.



I was just thinking, how cute would it be to use these carrots as a place card for your Easter dinner. I love it, what do you think?







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