What I Love Wednesdays


I decided to start the What I Love Wednesdays series on my blog back up again.

For those of you who don’t know how it works, each Wednesday I will post about a kitchen gadget, spice, etc. that I love and can’t live with out.

So today’s item is my silicon baking mat. I love this mat! This might sound a little cheesy, but this mat seriously changed my life!

Before I discovered this mat, I had a major dilemma in the kitchen. I loved to make bread and cookies but I hated the big mess it made all over the counter when I would roll the dough out. I would have to deep clean my counter top after every time or a disgusting film on my counter would remain.

So here are the top 6 things I love about my silicone baking mat

1. It decreases the time it takes to roll out the dough and clean up in half. Cleaning the mat is very simple, just hand wash it and then air dry.

2. When rolling out dough, I don’t have to add any additional flour. The mat doesn’t get sticky and the dough comes right off. This comes in very handy when rolling out pie dough or other flaky dough.

3. When rolling out dough, it doesn’t slide all over the counter like parchment paper or wax paper does. It stays in one place which makes it a lot easier to roll out a nice even dough.

4. My silicone mat has a ruler on the side. This is perfect for when I need to roll out the dough to a specific size, like cinnamon rolls.

5. They are very inexpensive. They can run anywhere from ten to twenty dollars. Considering that they can last for years, I would say that is a pretty good investment.

6. You can bake right on the mat. Just place the mat on a baking sheet and you are good to go. You will want to make sure to check the manufacture instructions, so you know what temperatures your mat can handle.



There are many different kinds of brands and style for the silicone mats. I have a    Kitchen Aid Silicone baking mat. I would recommend reading the reviews  online to find the right mat to fit your needs.

Okay, I am going to stop talking now, so that you can run to your nearest silicone mat provider and purchase one of these beautiful creations!

Until next time,




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