What I Love Wednesday

When you are baking, do you use a baking spray? If you don’t, you should try it!

There is no need to grease and sprinkle flour in your baking pans anymore. I have always hated doing that. Baking spray is seriously a little miracle in a can!

All you need to do is evenly coat your pan with baking spray. Then add your batter or dough and continue on with your recipe. That is really all it takes. Then once you pull your pan out of the oven, your baked goods will come right out of the pan with out any fuss. Like I said before, miracle in a can!

There are are few different brands that make the baking spray. I have tried the Baker’s Joy and Pam baking spray and I loved both of them. Pam’s baking spray also has a Butter flavored baking spray. I wouldn’t recommend it. For some reason it smells really weird! So I would suggest the original baking spray if you buy the Pam brand.


You can find the baking spray at your local grocery store in the baking aisle.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “What I Love Wednesday

  1. Dear Carrie, I love your emails and recipes!!! Where did you find the fresh pineapple gadgets for $7? Please advise. Thank you!!! Robyn Knab


    • Robyn,
      I googled it and there were a few places on line that listed them for $7.00. I am not sure what sites they were, I was just looking for a price range for the post. I bought mine at my local grocery store for around $10. I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by!


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