What I Love Wednesday

It was a sad day when I used the last of my Mexican vanilla! I have been searching ever since for a vanilla extract to replace it. I was starting to think that I would never be able to find a replacement. However, last week I stumbled upon Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Powder.Of course, I was very curious. The label on the back said is was ideal for dry mixes, beverages, and color sensitive recipes such as icing.




I am always up for trying something new so I bought a bottle and rushed home so I could test it out. As soon as I opened the bottle, the rich vanilla aroma hit me. It smelled so good I wanted to roll around in it until I smelled as good as it did but I refrained myself.

The bottle said to use the same amount of powder as you would vanilla extract. So I whipped up a batch of cookies using the vanilla powder of course. The cookie dough smelled incredible. As the cookies were baking in the oven, the smell was so much stronger than it is with regular vanilla extract. I was a little worried that the vanilla flavor might be too strong, but all my doubts were quickly put to rest as soon as I tasted a cookie.


vanilla powder


The vanilla powder took the flavor and aroma of the cookies to a whole new level! I feel like all the other flavors of the cookie were stronger as well. It was like I had just woken up from a long slumber. The vanilla powder will be a permanent staple in my kitchen from now on!

The Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Powder is not available at all grocery stores. I found mine at Harmon’s, which is a local grocery store. You can find it at William Sonoma and Amazon. A 4 oz. bottle of is around $10 to $11 dollars. Remember, a little bit goes a long way. I personally think it is worth every penny!

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