Ikea Table Makeover

Two weeks ago, I attended the Ikea catalog launch party. One of the things we were given for attending was a gift card. Narrowing down the list of what I wanted was not easy! I love Ikea and their amazing prices!



I finally set my sights on a little white table. This baby was only $19.99 and I had the perfect spot for it. I got it home and had it set up in no time.

After a few days I decided the table needed a little bit of a facelift to better fit in the space I allocated for it. So with my Frog Tape and a can of navy blue spray paint, I went to town.


Ikea Frog Tape Table


I love the crisp clean lines that were made possible by the Frog Tape. I have used other brands of painters tape before and none of them compare to the Frog Tape. It is the best by far!


Frog Tape


I also bought the little silver lanterns from Ikea. I love all of the treasures you can find at Ikea for under five dollars! I cut some wild flowers that were growing along the side of the road and arranged them in a large mason jar I had. What do you think?


Ikea table makover


I love how the table looks along side the Vintage Patio Chairs I recently made over. My front porch is all finished and just in time because I probably only have a month or so left to enjoy it before it gets cold. I guess it is like they say “better late than never”.

If you need me, I will be out on my porch reading a book.

Until next time.



Ikea Table Makeover2



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